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Where is the Water Coming In?

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You have stains on your ceiling. Rain is dripping from a recessed light fixture. The chimney has wet masonry. A stream of water is running down the wall or dripping from a window well.

If any of these things are happening in your home you must have a roof leak, right? Not necessarily!  There are a number of problems aside from your roof that can cause moisture to enter your home.

Leakage can occur when wood or vinyl siding has been damaged, has worn out or was improperly installed. Wind driven rain can force water past the siding where it gets behind the flashing and into the roof system.

Masonry wall or chimney leaks can occur when these components deteriorate due to long term exposure the weather. The mortar can break loose from the bricks or even fall out allowing moisture to be forced into the structure where it runs down and can show up inside the home. Concrete block walls can become porous and absorb water. These conditions can show up much earlier if the masonry work was not done correctly.

Mechanical intrusion is another source of leaks. Holes in rusted vent pipes can allow water access. Satellite dishes, antennas, lightning rod systems or xmas decorations with fasteners that pierce the roof can leak if not sealed properly.

We have also encountered some apparent roof leaks that don’t originate at the roof level. We have found that second story windows with caulking that has deteriorated or frames that have split open can produce “roof leaks” on the first floor.

There have been several instances where a vent pipe installed thru a wall on an upper floor has admitted water and produced a leak condition on a lower floor. You may have broken water pipes, leaking bathtubs or even dripping HVAC units.

A competent contractor can spot these problems. We are experienced in both interior and exterior home repair and can evaluate your water leak problems.

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