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Insulation and ventilation are an important factor in keeping your roof system operating correctly.  An improperly insulated or ventilated home can cause ice build up which damages your roof, this is called an “ice dam”.

About Ice Dams:

When improper or insufficient insulation allows heat to collect in the attic, it will warm up the roof except at the edge of the roof.  The snow melts from the warm part of the roof then freezes at the eaves. The ice accumulates, forming a dam. Melting snow from the warmer part of the roof backs up behind the ice dam and is pushed under the shingles and into your home.  Similarly, an improperly ventilated home can cause heat to build up which can’t escape and causes condensation, which can damage the insulation and cause the ice dams.

roof with ice dam

Chimney Repair:

Often, a deteriorating chimney or improperly installed flashing around your chimney can cause roof leaks.  We will perform chimney and flashing repair and replacement to make sure this vulnerable area won’t leak!  The flashing around the chimney and vents is particularly vulnerable and has to be done in a certain way to prevent problems.  We will not take short cuts like some of our competitors do in these sensitive areas.

Siding & Gutters:

Where your roof system meets the gutters and walls is also vulnerable to water damage. The soffits and fascia will need repairs when your roof does. Leaking or clogged gutters can be a causal factor, as well as causing other problems with your foundation or basement.  We will repair or replace these so that you will have proper drainage and a long lasting roof system.

Interior & Exterior Remodeling:

With over 30 years in the contracting business, we are experienced in all phases of interior and exterior remodeling including drywall replacement, painting & staining as necessary.