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Moss is Damaging Your Roof

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Moss and lichens are more than a cosmetic issue on many kinds of roofing materials – asphalt shingles, roll roofing, wood shingle roofs, wood shake roofs. By holding moisture against the roof surface, moss speeds the wear of the asphalt shingle surface in freezing climates like Rochester by increasing frost damage to the mineral granule coating on the shingles.

Holding water on the roof surface by any means (leaves, debris, moss, or lichens) speeds up wear on these shingles. In freezing climates there may be faster frost damage, cracking, and wear of the shingles under the moss or lichens. Even in non-freezing climates, the roots or growth structures of moss or lichens eventually penetrate and separate the roof shingle materials, speeding their demise.

Moss growing on any roof surface will be more severe on roof sections that are shaded and exposed to periodically damp cool weather conditions. The presence or absence of much sunlight on a roof surface is often a determining factor in the amount of moss or lichens growth (more sun, less moss and lichens). When shade and cool moist conditions combine, moss or lichens growth on a roof surface is more likely.

Keep this in mind when doing your spring roof inspection. Give us a call at 585-303-3478 to evaluate possible moss damage.