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Eagle Exteriors has been providing quality residential roofing services to the local Rochester, NY community for over 30 years.  We offer superior  workmanship and our goal is to offer you a high quality and long lasting roof at a considerable savings.

We can repair or replace your roof depending on your particular roofing needs.  We will assess what caused the roof damage and prevent it from happening again.  Sometimes this is due to an old and failing roof system or damaged shingles allowing water in from the outside, but it can also be caused by improper insulation and ventilation which causes condensation and moisture from the inside.  A properly installed roofing system is essential for protecting your living space and your investment in your home.

We are fully insured, no subcontractors.

Check out our  pages to learn more about roofing systems and see how we can help you with your roof repair, roof replacement and home improvement needs.  Call us for a free estimate today.